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Blue Blooded Brothers

Steamy Australian Cop Romance 




Mila dreams of a pair of cold, hard eyes every night. Only five years past, Wayde Logan robbed the bank she worked in, killing her friend and co-worker. A hot-shot rookie cop let the criminal mastermind get away, but in the rush, Logan left his daughter at the scene. No longer the loose cannon that allowed Wayde Logan to escape, Callum Dane is a fast-tracked task force detective, hunting the only man who has ever escaped him.

Five years ago, Mila was held up in a bank heist. While she survived, her co-worker didn’t. Nightmares of the criminal genius’ cruel eyes have plagued her since his escape at the hands of a rookie, hot-shot cop.


Callum Dane is still chasing his nemesis. Wayde Logan is the 

only man he’s failed to put behind bars, and who nearly destroyed his fast-tracked police career. Now, Cal is the leader of an elite, police task force dedicated to hunting the bank robber, but for five long years, Logan has evaded  CAPTURE. 

When he rear-ends a car while distracted by his frustrating ex, Cal and Mila are thrown headfirst into a maelstrom of events that brings them face to face with the man they both fear.


Liam is constantly swamped beneath the politics of managing an elite task force. Now, given more downtime than he can handle, the ex-special ops sniper flounders to find purpose outside the strict rigors of his working day.


Selena has been Liam’s best friend for nearly fifteen years. Elegant and intelligent, and a partner in her own law firm, she’s helped Liam through difficult cases, as well as the aftermath of PTSD. Watching Liam drown in day-to-day life, Selena ups the stakes with a little flirting to restore life to the man she adores.





As the youngest member of an elite task force team and built as big as they come, Danny is often underestimated. It’s an image he encourages, despite sporting a genius level IQ. Currently screwing his boss’ ex and with a big problem for authority, Danny is sent to professional development coaching. He hates the idea – he’s got determination in spades to do what it takes in his job and personal life, and thrashes against it until he meets Laura, the sexy motivator who shows him he is worth more than what he believes. When the team begins working Operation Predator, Danny’s moment of peace is shot to hell.

Danny is sent to professional coaching as part of his boss, Cal’s, efforts to hold the team together after their last operation. When he discovers his motivator is the gorgeous 

jogger he’s been working out with, Danny is determined to flirt his way through his coaching, stubbornly refusing to delve into personal truths he’s been hiding from himself for years. He's relieved when he’s placed on an undercover assignment – his preferred area of expertise.

Moving in with a group of gym junkies isn’t a bad way to spend assignment – especially when he gets to hack as well. The group remove small change from banks, but Danny feels there is something bigger in the works – until he is spotted by Laura, who almost blows his cover. Pulled from his assignment, Danny is furious. Tensions rise during their coaching sessions as more odd hacks catch Danny’s attention.

Their budding relationship is blown to pieces when he opts to go back undercover, determined not to let Laura distract him.

Sentinel Final.jpg



Theodore ‘Teddy’ Black might be the oldest member of his ex-partner’s task force, but he’s an exceptional knife fighter and hand-to-hand combat expert. He’s also head-over-heels for Jenny Weathers, foster mum of criminal mastermind Wayde Logan’s daughter.


Even though Logan has been denied bail, his reach extends further than Black would like. Jenny and Ashley are placed in a safe house and when he is assigned to their protective custody, Black is taken off the case he was working on at a critical point.

Jenny knows better than to get between Black and his job, but there's something about his last case that she knows — and Black doesn’t. When he realizes the man he is Jenny’s brother and intimately connected to Logan’s crew, Black is strung between his loyalties.


The new safe house is compromised, and Black doesn’t know who he can trust. He relies on the team, alienating Jenny, who fears losing her daughter. She acts rashly, forcing Black to choose between his job and the woman he’s fallen in love with.




Ally royally screwed up her job as an Internal Affairs officer in Melbourne, interrupting Cal and Danny’s investigation.


When her boss offers her a second chance over Christmas, she jumps at the opportunity to make up for her mistakes, and start the new year with a fresh start. The catch? She’s going undercover to audition for a place in the task force she deceived. Cal’s team is the best there is, and if Ally wants to resurrect her career, she needs to have this job completed by Christmas.


Brett Walker is her point of contact within the small time drug racket. Sexy as hell with an easy going smile, he’s a crook and she can’t trust him.


As they work more closely together, Ally suspects there’s more to his story, and she’s determined to discover who he really is.




What does the ultimate adrenaline junkie do when the stakes get personal?


Always chasing his next high, Micah Riveria makes the biggest bang he can – whether it’s a new explosive to play with, lifting the biggest weights he can, or pushing the limit on the competition monster truck circuit. While the task force winds down after a big win, Micah spends more time at the track working with Jimmy, the geeky computer girl with green hair who tweaks his truck to perfection before every comp. Some of the drivers are looking for bigger highs that the pro circuit can provide, and Micah is swept up in a game of ultimate stakes — with Jimmy at the center of it all.

There’s no job, no assignment, so the team take a break — and Micah heads to the track. He’s content to talk geek with Jimmy, live odd hours and get away from the expectations of the team and family. In the midst of his r&r, he finds himself suddenly part of a group of adrenaline junkies, pushing themselves and their limits — further and further.


As their behaviors become more erratic and desperate, Micah discovers theft beneath it all — and people begin to get injured. He calls it in to Cal who tells him to stay in — perfectly placed to drive the investigation. As his relationship with Jimmy heats up, he realises she might be right at the epicenter.


series conclusion

The ex-sniper will don his special ops gear a final time.


Logan is free.

Liam’s team is in pieces.

His backup lies in a hospital bed.


The conclusion to Sofia Aves’ Blue Blooded Brothers series will rock the foundations of the taskforce Liam has pulled together on the manhunt for Wayde Logan. Liam will push away every boundary, every law to get to the man who has destroyed his team.


Including the woman he loves...

Blue Blood Box Set USA.jpg


with exclusive content


Five sexy cops, a criminal genius and an artist in the coffee capital of the world.

Read Sofia Aves’ first Blue Blooded Brothers books in one collection, including an exclusive college romance of Liam, Selena & Cal's first endeavours into flirtation and friendship.


This Box Set includes:





and exclusive college romance novella


Read the first collection of Blue Blooded Brothers in Sofia Aves' most popular, steamy suspense series.

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