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Ranger's WISH

Texan Devils Book One
This Texas Ranger's loyalty will be tested.

Andy Matthews is a third generation Texas Ranger. Known locally as the Texan Devils, Andy has always been one of the good guys. But this Christmas, his loyalties will be tested.

All Andy wants is a quiet Christmas, and snow is building. Left to man Ranger HQ while his bosses are chasing a fugitive, he deals with small time crimes, staffing issues and runs into his highschool sweetheart, Ella Harding, supplying Christmas wreaths for his units.

When he gets the call that something isn’t quite right over at the Kinland Creek homestead and that Ella might be involved, Andy heads out, despite crossing over his jurisdiction line. When he arrives at Kinland Creek, he discovers a lot of missing cattle, Ella’s car, and no Ella.

Tracking her into the woodlands, he worries about the coming snowstorm, and a set of tracks that lead after Ella’s into the forest.

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Texan Devils Book Two

Jake Masters is the sassy contingent of his Texas Ranger unit with a penchant for baristas—of either the male or female variety. If his smart mouth isn’t getting him in trouble, his indiscretions on his boss’s desk are.

When his complicated relationship and flings converge, Jake takes the assignment his boss offers with a strong dose of relief—investigate a human trafficking ring that crosses international borders. The case proves more difficult than he expected, but a little tough love from his home office tells Jake that he’s handling this investigation alone.

A local barista provides an excellent distraction from his woes. Jake discovers that his new crush is entangled with the trafficked women. Before he can give her his heart, he has to work out which side she’s on.



Brodie Martinez made no secret that he was the son of an infamous cartel head…at least, not to his boss.

Asked to keep his secret upon his employment, the Mexican born Texas Ranger spent his last few years undercover rescuing trafficked women and reducing narcotics trade across the border. He’s never had anything to hold him in one location, until Wren.

Saving her from his father’s drug lords was an easy choice. Leaving her vulnerable and prey to a toxic family while he heads back out of Texas and hundreds of miles away twists his moral compass. Torn between choosing between duty and his heart, Brodie throws himself into his work and right into his estranged father’s path. Using Wren’s memory to keep his focus, he breaks all the rules both he and his boss set when he first started undercover work.

At the risk of blowing his cover story, Brodie spends a weekend with Wren, promising himself she deserves a welfare check before he heads back to Mexico one last time. Every good intention can’t save him from falling deeper for the slight but strong traumatised woman he loves, even if she isn’t sure she can love him back. What should be an easy six-month assignment turns deadly, until Brodie isn’t sure if he’ll ever see Texas or Wren again.

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