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RHR Book One

Every Christmas, Red Hart Ranch opens their doors, and Montana provides the perfect backdrop for good company and better food. But this year, the table won’t be as full.

Eve Beaumont is a twin heir to Red Hart Ranch. She loves the land, loves the people, and will do anything for them. Christmas sees most of the ranch hands return to their own homes to celebrate. Only a few long term cowboys remain with the family.

When Eve and her brother Trav go into town to collect supplies, they each bring home a drifter for Christmas. Rhys Archer and Simon Haldon are as different as two cowpokes can be. One rough edged who can work the land and animals with a firm hand; the other a smooth talker with a devilish charm. Eve finds both men attractive against her better judgement, but when tragedy hits the ranch, romance is the last thing on her mind.

Vandalisms happen around the ranch, and Eve isn’t sure who she can trust. She knows neither man is who he pretends to be — but when no one listens to her, she has to prove her suspicions on her own.


RHR Book Two

Get Elked.

Jude loves his position as foreman of Red Hart Ranch. He gets to work with his best friend every day, and he rarely has to deal with people he doesn’t know. A confirmed extrovert, he hates leaving the land, but when his best friend is injured, Jude has to venture halfway across the state to purchase livestock for the ranch.

Natalie Wiseman isn’t the sort of cattle salesman he expected to deal with, and she isn’t selling cattle, either. As he realises he can relax around her, Jude decides to risk a fling...and brings her back to Red Hart.

When illness spreads through Red Hart’s herd, both Natalie and the new stock are blamed. Jude has to choose between breaking the trust of the man who has been by his side for over fifteen years, or the woman he is falling for fast.

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RHR Book Three

Months of recuperating from his accident has left Travis Beaumont grumpy and demanding, but the truth is that he can't stand to look at his own reflection. What's the point of being owner to a flourishing Montana ranch when other men do the work while he sits back in an armchair. His father left big boots to fill, and Travis knows he's not able to reach that standard.

Local veterinarian Rachel Swallow has known Travis all her life, and she's never seen him give up. Not until now. But watching a man she's always loved decline is breaking her, and Red Hart. But Travis' bad mood isn't the only threat the ranch faces...



He's more damaged than he appears. But then so is she.

And the mountain always knows.

New Yorker Brit Lehman never intended to hook a cowboy, but Gage Ryan digs his ruined talons into her the moment she sets foot on Red Hart Ranch land and refuses to let go. The city girl clings to her identity while the ex- military officer strips her bare one layer at a time.

That doesn't stop her from giving him true NYC what for...while she trembles at his every touch that burns her soul deep.

Gage Ryan never meant to fall in love a second time. But when Brit Lehmen struts into his desolate, loner life, he gets an inkling the city girl is tougher than her primped exterior suggests...and he's prepared to rip her into pieces to make sure she is what she advertises...the spitting image of his late wife, with a sassy mouth that boils his blood to boot.

Gage is ready to risk his broken-grunt heart one last time while Brit isn't honestly sure she can handle the ex-soldier who sets up camp anywhere and create a home. Maybe that's what she's missing....until the temporary home she says she doesn't want is ripped away, and she finds out just how much she needed it.

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