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Steamy Romance & Flirty Bromance

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a Christmas prelude


Z Unit doesn’t exist. So a knock on the door on  Christmas Day brings more than one surprise to the special ops band of brothers. 

Lucas ‘Ace’ Kelly has traded everything for command of his unit and the girl who saved his life—even if she’s furry and sleeps on the floor. Every year at Christmas the boys of his unit put extra chairs around the table for the ones they’ve lost.

Next year, Lucas expects to see new faces around the table and a whole lot more chairs.  

When Hadleigh Rawson knocks on his door on Christmas Day, Lucas is reminded of what Christmas is about—gratitude for the band of soldiers who are more like brothers than employees, good food, better company and the hope that an old grunt might be worthy of redemption and love.


Too many Kings can ruin a mission.

Army brat Noah King has the biggest boots to fill, pushing the limits of his military career to match his father’s achievements. When he’s selected for Z-Unit,


a covert operation that’s strictly off the books, he finally has the opportunity to live up to his callsign.
Until he meets a travel blogger under fire.
Bugging out of a country he’s not supposed to be in before he can catch her name, Noah is startled to find the same woman on his flight for his next mission.


But when two coincidences turn to three, Noah can’t let his attraction threaten the safety of his team.

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It’s only a game while you’re smiling.

Scotty Evans used to be the perfect soldier. An intelligence officer for the RAF, his loyalty to rank holds until he discovers the worst betrayals come from within, dissolving as he falls into the void of addiction and grief.

Bonded together in the Z Unit brotherhood, an Australian military venture that doesn't officially exist, Scotty wears his designated call sign as a mantle, warding off anyone who comes too close to digging into the ruined soul beneath it.

To complete his mission he has to return to Trilogy, the gambling den where he left his innocence and dignity to uncover an illegal arms deal. But he’s not the only one with a mission…

Analise Larsen has lost something, too. Searching for her wayward sister, her objective throws her into Joker’s path in a clash of wills, snark and dark desire.

Escaping the casino unscathed seems impossible, if they can leave at all…


He’ll bet on his heart one last time.

Caleb ‘Hearts’ Anderson isn’t the usual unit medic. The ex-body builder can hack into the world of organised crime with one hand and save lives with the other. Battling internal politics while he works his assignment, Caleb finds his happy place looking after the deadly men he works alongside. Z Unit is his home, and the self-confirmed bachelor has no intention of being distracted from the missions—and the team—who keep him sane.


Until stripper and ex-head dancer Cheri Bettison steps into his neatly ordered life.

Displaced and homeless after she was extracted from seedy casino Trilogy’s strip club, Cheri lands in the middle of Z Unit’s suburban, barracks-like household. Paired with Caleb as her minder until she finds her feet, Cheri surprises the giant military man with skills acquired from her previous life.


Together, they work through Caleb’s mission. Cheri’s proximity makes his head spin, but when an old nemesis compromises Z Unit’s security, Caleb has to trust the pink-haired dancer and risk everything he’s built to protect those he loves.

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Abby adds two empty chair to the table for Christmas, though her heart is still full of conflict and love.

Eight months pregnant, Abby finds herself a single mother to be, and an anomaly in the Z Unit household. While everyone else slows for Christmas in the wake of the unit’s catastrophic joint mission, Abby finds herself out of place…until a knock on the door to Fairview House revives a face from the past, one she never really said goodbye to at all.

Ruski Boryenka recieves orders on Christmas Eve to report to a unit he’d never heard of that doesn’t exist. The last person he expects to open the door on Christmas morning is his ex fiance Abby Zhou, pregnant…and grieving. When the unit doesn’t accept his untimely arrival, Abby and Ruski team up once more for a media campaign to remind the unit that while Christmas comes once a year, memories remain forever.

Mistletoe and Mayhem is a Z Unit Christmas novella


What does a mafia prince do when his loyalty belongs away from his family?

Ruski Boryenka is torn between two worlds-the one he grew up in full of negotiations, violence and death and the one he swore an oath to when he joined the military. But when he's made to choose, will he return to the fold of his father's Familia, or hold to his promsie to protect alongside his Z Unit brothers in arms?

Abby Zhou has battled her own demons in the last year she's been part of Z Unti's extended found family. A single mum in a disbanding unit, she fights her own grief daily while dealing with conflicting feelings she experiences around her ex. Unsure who to trust, she tries to distance herself-no easy task in the small suburban HQ the unit calls home.

But Ruski isn't ready to give up on Abby yet. When a new team turns up on the doorstep of Fairview House, Abby discovers she isn't the only one with trust issues. Determined to secure at least one ally and win the heart of the woman he's always loved, Ruski takes Abby away to reconnect, but one simple choice could jepardize everything the unit stands for-and Ruski has a good idea who's responsible.

RUSKI is a second chance romance set in the Australian military world of Z BOYS.

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