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Read Raven's super steamy CLUB FRAY series set in Melbourne, Australia. Filled with a hidden community of shifters, Fray offers a safe haven beneath Rafe Astor's eagle eye. Themes include dark romance, BDSM, power play, protectors and dark mafia. 



Willow Bonnier is desperate. Her quokka shifter marriage turned upside down by an untimely death, she's left as a single mother to five young children in Melbourne with no community for support. Driven to apply for a weekend job at Fray's lower levels in order to pay bills she didn't realise she had, Willow is determined to free her family from the risk of starvation, even if it means surrendering her innocence at the sex club's door. 


Wedge-tailed eagle shifter Rafe Astor has watched Willow since her husband's death. His need to protect the local shifter community stretches to the city limits, but his obsession with Willow isn't his usual style. When he discovers her in his club, he can't keep his hands off her. A return offender targets Willow in a pain dungeon, and Rafe acts the part of a knight in shining armour. But his darker tastes aren't satisfied with saving Willow-he has to have more. He offers her one night with him, unpaid, no strings attached. Unless he tethers her to his heart...


Enota, a fruit bat shifter, mans the front desk at Fray for this year’s Halloween Trick-or-Freak themed party. By the time midnight rocks around at the Halloween party,


Enota is bored out of her mind rating costumes and drunks the bouncers push a human man through the door with a wink. Freaking out that they will undo all the work Rafe has done to protect the shifter community, Enota whisks the strange man, Mace, away to the only remaining dungeon-the one that terrifies her-to lock him in for the night until she can work out how not to expose the community.


Mace sees her fear at the whipping post and proposes a game of trust and questions to pass their time together. A spanking bench demo turns hot and steamy, but Mace has more than one secret up his costumed sleeve...a secret Enota will have to ask for before her time is up.

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Killian du Pont is a regular Dom and manager at Fray, Melbourne’s premiere BDSM shifter club, but he only wants to play with one girl. A girl who craves pain over pleasure, soothing his beast, a gray buck kangaroo.

Problem: she isn’t his.

Emu shifter Lux belongs to no one. Her uniform consists of a collar she bought for herself, signature dark denim and a fluff of her own shifted feathers. Her loyalty belongs to her boss but her attention is drawn to Killian who irritates her with his overprotective streak but attracts her with his personal brand of dominance.

When Killian breaks through Lux’s edgy exterior, he discovers trauma and courage, but inner strength isn’t her weakness. Lux’s past haunts her to the club’s doorstep. Killian doesn’t know where Lux stands when Fray is threatened or if he’ll lose her just as he’s found her.


Newspaper intern Josie Stranger has one mission: walk into Fray and get the goss, enough to ruin the notorious club owner who runs the shifter community like his own private mafia. A shifter who can’t quite change, her misability gains her entry into Fray’s Christmas Wish party where every fantasy comes true.

Knox Townsend’s only been on Fray’s security team for a few weeks. All he wants for Christmas is for a cute little submissive he can toss in his Santa sack and spirit away for a night of private play, and Fray's party provides the opportunity for him to find his furry match.

When Josie Stranger walks into his chest, he’s ready to give her the Christmas wish she doesn’t know she craves—until his night of fun jeopardizes Fray and everyone in the community he’s vowed to protect.
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He’s a lonely Dom with a wide variety of kinks. She wants to discover everything—until she meets a Blake.

Keria Blythewood loves to hate the shifter community. Not sure she fits in with the crowd at Club Fray, she seeks a Dom online. And when she meets him, he's all the right sort of wrong.

Acclaimed surgeon Damon Blake has more kinks than one person could ever need. Fray provides a tenuous neutral ground while he tests the pleasure of his new submissive. But when he has to tell her the one secret he’s withheld, he isn’t sure if she’ll accept him the way he is … or run screaming from the club’s front doors, leaving him exactly in the position he hates.

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