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Hope, Heartstrings & Ugly Sweaters


He’s an Aussie country boy turned groomsman lost in New York City for a high society wedding.

She can’t find her Christmas baubles with both hands.

Nisha and Ford collide in a tangle of tinsel and gingerbread lattes when he convinces the independent and totally disorganised tour guide to be his date for the wedding instead of his herd of disgruntled alpacas. Determined to make the farm boy love his not-so-tree change, Nisha takes his fish-out-of water cowboy approach to the season and shows him what a real Christmas in NYC is like.

The crux?

She might have given him a New York Slice of her heart in the process. Now she has to work out how to tell her Australian rough ‘n’ tough cowboy how she feels…before he heads home across oceans.

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A package determined to derail his scheduled future delivered by a mystery woman. A tiny note hints at who she is—and how to find her.

When veteran and acting Brigadier General Dominic Cage returns from deployment days before Christmas, he's unprepared for the shortbread cookies pressed into his hands in a case of mistaken identity by a stunning woman. Unable to forget her, Cage trusts Violet's promise of a true Christmas—until the lines of his reality blur.

Damaged and resolute, and unable to escape the gunfire that haunts him, Cage's choice could cost them everything.


Texan Devils Book One

This Texas Ranger's loyalty will be tested.

Andy Matthews is a third generation Texas Ranger. Known locally as the Texan Devils, Andy has always been one of the good guys. But this Christmas, his loyalties will be tested.

All Andy wants is a quiet Christmas, and snow is building. Left to man Ranger HQ while his bosses are chasing a fugitive, he deals with small time crimes, staffing issues and runs into his highschool sweetheart, Ella Harding, supplying Christmas wreaths for his units.

When he gets the call that something isn’t quite right over at the Kinland Creek homestead and that Ella might be involved, Andy heads out, despite crossing over his jurisdiction line. When he arrives at Kinland Creek, he discovers a lot of missing cattle, Ella’s car, and no Ella.

Tracking her into the woodlands, he worries about the coming snowstorm, and a set of tracks that lead after Ella’s into the forest.

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RHR Book One

Every Christmas, Red Hart Ranch opens their doors, and Montana provides the perfect backdrop for good company and better food. But this year, the table won’t be as full.

Eve Beaumont is a twin heir to Red Hart Ranch. She loves the land, loves the people, and will do anything for them. Christmas sees most of the ranch hands return to their own homes to celebrate. Only a few long term cowboys remain with the family.

When Eve and her brother Trav go into town to collect supplies, they each bring home a drifter for Christmas. Rhys Archer and Simon Haldon are as different as two cowpokes can be. One rough edged who can work the land and animals with a firm hand; the other a smooth talker with a devilish charm. Eve finds both men attractive against her better judgement, but when tragedy hits the ranch, romance is the last thing on her mind.

Vandalisms happen around the ranch, and Eve isn’t sure who she can trust. She knows neither man is who he pretends to be — but when no one listens to her, she has to prove her suspicions on her own.



a Blue Blooded Brothers ChristmasAlly royally screwed up her job as an Internal Affairs officer in Melbourne, interrupting Cal and Danny’s investigation. When her boss offers her a second chance over Christmas, she jumps at the opportunity to make up for her mistakes, and start the new year with a fresh start. The catch? She’s going undercover to audition for a place in the task force she deceived.

Cal’s team is the best there is, and if Ally wants to resurrect her career, she needs to have this job completed by Christmas. Brett Walker is her point of contact within the small time drug racket. Sexy as hell with an easy going smile, he’s a crook and she can’t trust him.

As they work more closely together, Ally suspects there’s more to his story, and she’s determined to discover who he really is.

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Z Boys


Z Unit doesn't exist. So a knock on the door on Christmas Day brings more than one surprise to the special ops band of brothers.

Lincoln ‘Ace’ Kelly has traded everything for command of his unit and the girl who saved his life—even if she’s furry and sleeps on the floor. Every year at Christmas the boys of his unit put extra chairs around the table for the ones they’ve lost.

Next year, Lincoln expects to see new faces around the table and a whole lot more chairs.

When Hadleigh Rawson knocks on his door on Christmas Day, Linclon is reminded of what Christmas is about—gratitude for the band of soldiers who are more like brothers than employees, good food, better company and the hope that an old grunt might be worthy of redemption and love.

A Table for Ten is a COMPLETE short Christmas story that sets the scene for Z Boys.



Abby adds two empty chairs to the table for Christmas, though her heart is still full of conflict and love.

Eight months pregnant, Abby finds herself a single mother to be, and an anomaly in the Z Unit household. While everyone else slows for Christmas in the wake of the unit’s catastrophic joint mission, Abby finds herself out of place…until a knock on the door to Fairview House revives a face from the past, one she never really said goodbye to at all.

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