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Fun, Flirty and a little bit Dirty
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a Driven world novel

Sofia Aves’ Dead Heat is an enemies-to-lovers, athlete workplace romance in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.

KC Hawk has his mind on the game. Specifically the one that makes the wheels cross the finish line first at the end of every race.

While his team is hand-picked from the best talent there is, he’s missing that pizazz factor. And Hawk knows just where to get it. The cheerleader for his greatest rival would be a great asset on his team, and in his bed.

Sunny Cooper loves her job as PR agent for one of the hottest new talents on the track. Sure, he can be a little enthusiastic and turns up with the party boy attitude, but he brings the trophies in, and Sunny gets to have her dream job.

Until KC Hawking offers her a better one—and ruins her dreams in a single night.


Christmas Cookies

A package determined to derail his scheduled future delivered by a mystery woman. A tiny note hints at who she is—and how to find her.

When veteran and acting Brigadier General Dominic Cage returns from deployment days before Christmas, he's unprepared for the shortbread cookies pressed into his hands in a case of mistaken identity by a stunning woman. Unable to forget her, Cage trusts Violet's promise of a true Christmas—until the lines of his reality blur.

Damaged and resolute, and unable to escape the gunfire that haunts him, Cage's choice could cost them everything.





Ben Brickman, owner of Sundae Dreaming, spent years chasing his dreams against his family’s wishes. Now that he’s achieved them he can’t wait for Sundays. That’s the day he makes a special sundae for his favorite customer, Sammie. But more than anything, he wants to get to know her.

Sammie Leyton has always been a dreamer. But her father’s illness keeps her locked down in a family business that she clings to out of a sense of loyalty. Sammie’s only break is her treat once each week at the local ice cream parlor. There, she releases her desire to sketch the holiday makers at their happiest and daydream about the owner, Ben Brickman.

Family complications of his own drive Ben to push Sammie to pursue her dreams as he finally gathers his courage to ask her out, but is the pressure they place on themselves too high for their budding romance to break through?


Australian Customs Security Romance 

Book One


Head of security on the South Sea Mermaid, Kai Walker, hates having drugs on his ship. But when travelers begin to overdose and he can’t find the source, Kai suspects everyone, including his absentee dinner partner, Pearl. He can’t work out if she’s a tempting distraction or an intentional diversion. He’s keen to keep his threats close, even if it means a planned seduction to catch her in the act.

US DEA Agent Pearl Hamilton is determined to focus on the assignment she's been set. No sexy-as-sin security officer on a bewitching south sea cruise is going to turn her head, regardless of how good he looks in a uniform. That is, until she discovers how much fun she can have with a pair of handcuffs and a stolen room key...

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