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USA TODAY Bestselling Author 

Romance & Suspense

Red Hart Ranch



Will the player be played?


Jake Masters is the sassy contingent of his Texas Ranger unit with a penchant for baristas—of either the male or female variety. If his smart mouth isn’t getting him in trouble, his indiscretions on his boss’s desk are.


When his complicated relationship and flings converge, Jake takes the assignment his boss offers with a strong dose of relief—investigate a human trafficking ring that crosses international borders. The case proves more difficult than he expected, but a little tough love from his home office tells Jake that he’s handling this investigation alone.


A local barista provides an excellent distraction from his woes. Jake discovers that his new crush is entangled with the trafficked women. Before he can give her his heart, he has to work out which side she’s on.

Ranger Bedevilled USA.jpg